Underground Tour

Springfield Underground is an extraordinary commercial property, ideal for any business that requires a large space. Due to its location, Springfield Underground is exceptionally secure, environmentally friendly and well priced.


Springfield Underground’s immense size and stable temperature create an ideal environment for warehousing facilities.
And, because its location protects it from intruders as well as most natural and man made disasters, it offers
exceptional, cost-efficient security.


Springfield Underground is home to numerous manufacturing facilities, each custom-built to suit individual power,
space and climate requirements.


A refrigerated warehouse. Springfield Underground is an excellent choice for clients who require a steady temperature in their facility, as our ambient temperature is 58 degrees year-round.

Above and below ground rail service

Springfield Underground is rail-served Monday through Friday at our below and aboveground facilities.

Office space

We build incredibly secure, ecologically sound structures to your specifications.

Spacious roadways

Because of our spacious subterranean roadways, Springfield Underground is ideal for distributors.

Above-Ground accessibility

Springfield Underground is accessible to tractor trailers at above and below ground loading docks.

Secure parking and above-ground storage

An aboveground trailer storage facility. We have ample space available and can customize each space to meet your
security requirements.