Springfield Underground
An Erlen Group Company

ADVANTAGES of being underground

Where we are passionate about solutions for our customers


Springfield Underground has a constant ambient temperature of 62 degrees, a stability many of our customers rely on. Dry buildings can be humidity and temperature controlled. Our refrigerated buildings range from -20 degrees to 55 degrees and are cooled by ammonia refrigeration systems. Our on-site refrigeration specialists monitor temperatures around the clock. The thermal mass provided by the limestone, energy efficient building construction and cool ambient temperature all combine to decrease our customers’ utility consumption by 30-50%.


Springfield Underground has two entrances with card-controlled access. The underground structure is protected from the natural elements year round.



Springfield Underground is served by three Internet Service Providers offering 1G connectivity: Bluebird Networks, WON Communications, and Springnet. The buildings are connected by high speed fiber.

ease of access

Located with immediate access to I-44, US-65 and the BNSF mainline, Springfield Underground is at the heart of the country’s transportation corridors. With over 400 trucks visiting the facility daily, our two surface trailer staging lots and 224 dock doors provide opportunities for managed access to the underground buildings. Our sister company, Ümlaut Industrial, provides above and below ground rail transloading on our 3 miles of rail.


first class facilities

Our buildings can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We take pride in updating and maintaining our facilities with best in class equipment. Employees of our clients enjoy year-round covered parking.



We work in close partnership with City Utilities to meet our customers’ power and utility needs.

on-site maintenance

Our facilities are maintained by Springfield Underground maintenance staff, who keep our common areas and buildings brightly lit, clean, and safe. Maintenance staff remove snow in the winter, and mow grass in the summer. The underground location is not conducive to pests that plague surface buildings. All of our buildings and common areas are protected by sprinkler systems. Our refrigeration specialists maintain humidity and temperature levels throughout the facility, with redundant systems in place to ensure set points.


rail served

Our sister company, Ümlaut Industrial, is a BNSF Premier Transloader. We have over 12,400 feet of rail above ground, 3,600 feet of rail below ground and 11 rail-served buildings.


room to grow

We continue to expand above and below ground with spaces designed to meet our clients’ needs. Contact us with queries for new space.